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10 Mar 2008

All licenses and approvals have been received for the Spratly Island operation....

The call being used for both stations will be 9M6/N1UR

Operation will be from 22 Mar 2008 till 30 Mar 2008


28 Mar 2008 @ 0245 UTC

Just received word from Ed, 9M6/N1UR they have crossed the 5,000 QSO mark.

They have been struggling with inter radio interference  keeping them from running 2 phone stations simultaneously.   Ed reports that Europe has some rather nice openings into Spratly.   They will participate in the WPX contest this weekend....


01 Apr 2008 @ 0202 UTC

Ed and Christine have arrived home safely from Spratly.

Their QSO count came to 6,500.  The last Q logged was at 2315 UTC on 29 Mar 2008


Stations sending for cards, please be patient.   Please follow the instructions under QSL Info for Spratly located on my homepage.

Congratulations to those who made it into the 9M6/N1UR log  ! 

73' and Thank you,

Bob - K2RET


18 APR 2008 @ 2200 UTC

The 9M6/N1UR logs are now online

Access Log Search Here


24 Jun 2008 @ 2050 UTC

I am waiting for the QSL cards to arrive so I can begin processing cards.  I anticipate the 9M6/N1UR cards

to be here soon.  Please be patient, I will try to keep you updated as to the QSL progress.

Tnx de Bob - K2RET



12 July 2008

I received the 9M6/N1UR QSL cards this past week.

I will start processing the log vs cards received in the next day or to.

Thank you for your patience !

Bob - K2RET .......


28 July 2008 @ 2035 UTC

I have completed processing all cards received via direct mailings.  These 9M6 QSLs will be mailed on Wednesday 30 July 2008.



11 AUG 2008

All direct QSLs have been processed and mailed ....

Any further direct QSLs received are now being processed and mailed back within 1 to 2 days

Bob - K2RET


13 Sept. 2008 @ 2203 UTC


I have recently received several inquiries regarding individuals who sent their 9M6/N1UR to the ARRL for DXCC only to have it rejected because of "Documents Pending" according to the ARRL.

These inquiries have been forwarded to Ed - N1UR for review.  As soon as I have an answer back from Ed, I will respond to those who wrote me and post an answer here as well.

Please check back for further updates.......

Bob - K2RET


14 Sept 2008 @ 0035 UTC

In a reply from Ed, the paperwork had been filed many months ago.  The situation is being followed up on and should be corrected soon

Bob - K2RET


16 Sept 2008 @ 2045 UTC

There had been some administrative problem and if anyone that submitted their 9M6/N1UR card and did not have it credited, they should re-submit or e-mail Bill Moore - NC1L, DXCC Manager at  dxcc@arrl.org

Bob - K2RET